Food Regina is a network of local food organizations that exists to improve the security, sustainability and resiliency of Regina’s local food system. The Food Regina board works together to improve community food security by supporting research, public awareness, education, infrastructure, and policies related to the local food system.


The creation of a community food assessment Action Plan was initiated in 2013 in collaboration with local non-profit agencies and charities, farmers, local food providers, dietitians, academics, and activists.

The outcomes from the action plan are the framework established to improve food security in Regina:

  1. Community Food Security is enhanced by comprehensive evidence based research.
  2. Public awareness of local food issues, initiatives, and programs is improved through strategic communication and partnerships.
  3. Food systems knowledge and skills are enhanced for all community residents through a variety of learning opportunities.
  4. Local infrastructure is expanded to support community food security.
  5. Organizational, municipal, provincial, and federal policy is improved to support Regina’s community food security.
Food Regina Action Plan