Regina Community Food Assessment Final Report

An overview of the Regina Community Food Assessment process and outcomes. Read the Final Report

CFA report

Community Food Systems DRAFT Action Plan Framework

The action plan is based on information from the community food assessment environmental scan and public consultations. Five themes developed: research, public awareness, education, local infrastructure, and policy. While these themes have a number of overlapping features and in time may be combined (i.e. public awareness and education and local infrastructure and policy). The community food systems steering committee is developing an organizational structure to ensure follow through with the action plan.

Read the Draft Action Plan.
CFA Draft Action Plan

The Regina Community Food Assessment has initiated several research projects including an Environmental Scan of the Regina Food System.

This Environmental Scan is the first phase of work in the Regina Community Food Assessment, a collaborative, participatory process that brings people together from various sectors of the local food system to
• analyze the local context;
• identify the assets, gaps, and priorities of the community;
• and develop an action plan to improve community food security.

The Scan is a snapshot of our local food context at this time, and is meant to help us understand more about our local food system, including an acknowledgment about what we don’t yet know. The report examines some key elements of the Regina-and-area food system. That is, it looks at production, processing, consumption and waste disposal while also examining the social, environmental, economic, and cultural context of that food system. Clearly, all issues related to sustainability and secure access to food are functions of this larger context.

To read more about the findings have a look at the document here Untitled
Environmental Scan Final

To read the Environmental Scan Executive Summary in French – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY in French

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